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The Right Solution for any Application

Whether you produce cables, wires, hoses, tubes or ropes, we have the right solution for you. With artificial intelligence and edge computing, we take your optical quality control to the next level.

Simple Setup

Easily create new products from qualified parts in minutes

AI on the Edge

No cloud connection required – for fast and secure data processing

Versatile in Use

Production speeds of up to 500 m/min. |
Product diameters from 0.5–30 mm

Low Maintenance

Minimal cleaning and maintenance effort

Seamless Connectivity

ProfiBus, ProfiNet, OPC UA, HTTP/TCP IP

Ready for Use 24/7

Operating temperature 5–45 °C |
Humidity 0–90 %

Process Safe

Insensitive to water droplets and dust particles on the product surface

Fully Integrable

Single source software & hardware – simple & seamless integration, even in existing system concepts

The Future of Visual Inspection Systems

nLine is our answer to the challenges you face in the production of high-quality extrusion products.

With the help of three high-speed cameras, the entire product surface is continuously monitored. Any deviation is signaled and documented in real time.

This allows a wide range of product and quality features to be analyzed reliably and easily – both directly inline during ongoing production and in individual inspections.

The system is available in different versions and can be adapted to a wide range of requirements.

Thanks to the Teach & Go approach and AI on the Edge, 100% inspection density and traceability can be achieved for any suitable extrusion product within a very short time.

The wide range of possible applications and the extensive range of functions of our 360° inspection solution also help to significantly reduce investment and maintenance costs as well as integration costs.

nLine S

Product diameter: 0.5–2 mm
Production speed: 300 m/min.

nLine M

Product diameter: 2–30 mm
Production speed: 500 m/min.

nLine T

Product diameter: 2–30 mm
Production speed: 100 m/min.

Areas of Application

Surface Inspection

Breaks, cracks, cuts, holes, dents, pimples


Automatic measurement of the product diameter

Checking Colors

Single color, multicolor, gradient, rotating

Available soon

Inspecting Imprints

Markings, codes, lettering, serial numbers

Available soon

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Visual Inspection Made Easy – With AI Detection


Integrate nLine directly into the production line


Define product features based on qualified products


Processing of the collected data by nLine


nLine is ready to examine the learned product

Product analysis

Detection of surface anomalies in real time


Analytical data is sent to your system